Firework Centre Arnika

Firework Centre Arnika was established in 1993 and since that time the company is dealing with selling pyrotechnic for wholesalers and arranging fireworks.

Company has permanently 10 workers, but a lot of people are hired in season.

We will buy enourmous part of the pyrotechnics from China, from the well-known producers of pyrotecnic world. Since the year 1997 we will represent world famous trade mark Black Cat in Estonia. We will sell Black Cat pyrotechnics in shops and to the other distributors in Estonia and partially also to the Latvian Republic.

Within these years we have been arranged a lot of fireworks. We have been participated in several firework competitions, and our results are always in first three places. Last achievement was the victory in Estonian Open Firework Competition “Suur Pauk” 2002.

We are able to make fireworks inside and outside, with music or without music. Sometimes we have been helped some foreign companies to realize fireworks in Estonia (concerts and tours).

You can look at he photos from our fireworks here. (Pushing some photo, it will change bigger.)

Feel free to contact us in any time!

Contact address:
Tallinna 69

Tel/fax: +372 43 35 111


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